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Observations of the Biblical New Moon
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    We are a body of believers who accept both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. We hold fast that a belief in the Savior is necessary for salvation.

Churchianity in general has not been faithful in following the Bible. Surprisingly, many of today’s popular teachings and customs are not based in Scripture. We strive to return to the old paths of truth that have largely been ignored, and obediently follow in the footsteps of the Redeemer of Israel, Jude 3. We observe the weekly Sabbath (on the seventh day) known as Saturday, just as did the Savior, Luke 4:16 , as well as Paul and the Apostles, Acts 13:42-46; 17:2; 18:4.

    We also call our Heavenly Father by His revealed, personal name Yahweh, which He says is His memorial name forever, Exodus 3:15. Most pastors, Bible scholars, and seminary students willacknowledge that Yahweh is the correct name of the Heavenly Father. The short form of His name, Yah, can be seen in manywords, including the most popular hallelujah (“halleluYAH,”meaning, “praise you Yah”). It is also found in the suffix of Biblical names like IsaYAH, (Isaiah), JeremYAH (Jeremiah), NehemYAH (Nehemiah), and ObadYAH (Obadiah). The well-known “Jehovah”is a very poor transliteration and never was His name, for there is no J or J sound in either Hebrew or any Semitic language from which we got the Bible.

     We study from all versions of the Bible including the King James,which we prefer. Singing, preaching, special music and familiar songs are a part of our worship. Our membership comes from nearly all denominations and all walks of life. Most began searching for deeper truth when they learned that their former affiliation was teaching another Evangel from what they found in Scripture. We continue to search the Bible for deeper understanding.   Much of churchianity has deviated from the truth of the Scriptures. We make every effort to root out error that has crept into modern worship and return to the paths of pure worship. We believe that the Bible teaches a way of life through thecommandments in the Old Testament and from the same exampleof obedience given us by our Savior in the New Testament.

     Our own print shop publishes YAIY Beacon, a bi-monthly, Bible-based magazine. We also publish a monthly newsletter, YAIY News,to inform members and supporters of this ministry’s activities andprogress in proclaiming the Good News of the coming Kingdom. We regularly publish other Bible-related booklets and tracts on sound doctrine. YAIY Beacon magazine and all literature are sent worldwide without charge, financed by the tithes and offerings of dedicated brethren and coworkers. Tax-deductible donations are gratefully accepted so that others may benefit from this truth.   We invite all sincere Bible believers to contact us. We are eager to share many Bible truths. The Scripture speaks of a great resurgence of interest in Bible truth in the times ahead of us and a restoration ofall things. We pray you’ll be a part of it!

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