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New Moon Report
Observations of the Biblical New Moon
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    Moon - Moon Name in Bible
    First - Abib**/Nisan
    Second - Zif (Ziv)
    Third - Sivan
    Fourth - (nameless)
    Fifth - (nameless)
    Sixth - Elul
    Seventh - Ethanim
    Eighth - Bul
    Ninth - Chisleu(Chislev)
    Tenth - Tebeth
    Eleventh - Sebat (Shebat)
    Twelveth - Adar***
    **The word Abib, used in the Bible in reference to the first moon, is a Hebrew word meaning “to be tender; green, i.e. a young ear of grain…green ears of corn” (SECB). It is this same Hebrew word which is translated “ear” in Ex. 9:31 KJV. The command in Deut. 16:1 to “observe the month of Abib...” simply means to “look/watch out for the new moon becoming visible at the time there is barley green ears of corn/grain.” “This month (moon, new moon) shall be to you the beginning of months (moons, new moons): it shall be the first month (moon, new moon) of the year to you,” Ex. 12:2. Certainly, there was barley green ears of corn/grain in Goshen where the Israelites were residing while in Egypt (Ex. 9:25, 31, 26) when Yahweh gave this instruction to Moses and Aaron. The word this, implies they were watching that new moon along with Yahweh while He gave them that command. He was actually pointing out a particular moon to them. This was in the beginning of Spring, the only time when barley green ears of corn/grain can be found. Concentrate keenly on the condition of the barley in the Middle East, specifically in Israel (Isa. 2:3; Micah 4:2), as the ear MUST be green and ALREADY containing maturing corn/grain at the time the new moon ALWAYS becoming visible at that stage of the barley makes its appearing. The coinciding of both the barley green ears of corn/grain AND the new moon, at the beginning of Spring, BIBLICALLY, is STILL the determining factor to establishing the CORRECT beginning of the year for worship purposes (Gen. 1:14; Ex. 12; Lev. 23; 25; Num. 28-29; Deut. 16:1-17; Ps. 104:19; Isa. 66:23; Col. 2:16-17) and civil life as long as the sun and the moon exists in the sight of all mankind.

***The Hebrew calendar adjusts for "leap years" by adding an occasional additional month. The below is from Wikipedia (

Adar (Hebrew: אֲדָר, Standard Adar) is the sixth month of the civil year and the twelfth month of the religious year on the Hebrew calendar. It is a winter month of 29 days. In leap years, it is preceded by a 30-day intercalary month named Adar Aleph (Aleph being the first letter of the Jewish alphabet), Adar Rishon (First Adar) or Adar I and it is then itself called Adar Bet (Bet being the second letter of the Jewish Alphabet), Adar Sheni (Second Adar) or Adar II. Occasionally instead of Adar I and Adar II, "Adar" and "Ve'Adar" are used (Ve means 'and' thus: And Adar). Adar I and II occur during FebruaryMarch on the Gregorian calendar.

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